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Following nine successful years running Transtech Training Services, Ian Wilson is now a freelance Training Consultant within the Bus and Coach industry. Customer Care for bus and coach drivers is an area in which he has developed a particular expertise and enthusiasm having run numerous courses throughout the United Kingdom

Very much aware of the implications of the European Driver Training Directive 2003/59/EC Ian is offering his vast training expertise to the Industry, particularly those companies who do not have in-house training facilities. One area which the Directive will almost certainly target is Customer Care and Ian offers a one day course aimed at improving driver attitude and skills when dealing with passengers.

Ian Wilson"I am passionate about good customer service particularly within the bus and coach industry and I believe that whilst there has been an improvement in driver attitude to customers over the last few years, it can still be greatly improved. Customers are the lifeblood of our industry and we need to provide the very best service to them. This one-day course aims to change and improve the attitudes drivers have to customers. Drivers are at the sharp end of the business and need the skills required to deal effectively and carefully with people wishing to travel."

Comments from industry experts.

"I believe that the experience Ian has gained in over 40 years in the Bus and Coach Industry would be invaluable to Company's wishing to improve their customer service".
Mike Morgan - Editor
Route One Magazine.

"I wholeheartedly recommend this Customer Care course, it has helped our company to improve its customer service".
Ian Mills - Senior Staff Manager
Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company.

"Ian Wilson's depth of training expertise within the Bus and Coach industry would be an asset to any company wishing to employ him, I can thoroughly recommend him and this course in particular".
Jeff Counsell - Director of Service Delivery
Trent and Barton Buses

"I have known Ian Wilson for over 20 years and can personally recommend this course to any Bus and Coach operator wishing to improve its customer service".
Philip Baker - Managing Director
Bakers Coaches.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for staff who are in direct contact with customers, these may also include staff providing internal services within the company.

The course covers:

  • Recognising the significant role drivers play in customer's perception of the company.
  • Understanding customer needs.
  • Dealing professionally and confidently with customers.
  • Recognising and dealing with stressful situations.
  • Dealing effectively with difficult customers.
  • Disability awareness.

Comments from drivers who have attended the course.

"Very well run course, highlighted points not considered before, would recommend to other drivers".

"Ian was very well organised and it was a very enjoyable day".

"Good to have a professional, who knows his stuff".

"Very enjoyable course, learnt a lot about customer care, which will improve my attitude towards customers".

"Ian was very professional and really knew his subject, and he had a great sense of humour".

"It's nice to have someone who has been in the bus business, talk a bit of sense".

"Very friendly and helpful, good advice given, strong benefits for bus drivers".

"I found the course information helpful, and put over in a very friendly and relaxed manner".

"Made to feel comfortable from the beginning".

"Very good day".

Cost of course.

Course fees are determined by numbers attending, details of which can be given on request.

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